With Economic reforms during last two decades in India, the Hospitality Industry is growing very fast. To serve the needs, the organizations and managers are most of the times interested in and worried about the costs. The control of the costs of the past, present and future is the job of all the managers in a company. In companies that try to make profits, the control of costs affects directly to them. Knowing the costs of the products is essential for decision-making regarding price and mix assignation of products and services.

  • Purchase & Receiving Control

    Need to ensure specifications are following as per purchase manual.

    Review the purchase prices of the food & liquor material refer purchase manual for details.

    Receiving personnel designated by the Store Manager to witness receipt of all goods according to specifications required by the restaurant or else otherwise specifically stated. All goods receipts challan should be supported by RR (Receiving Report) entry in Material Management System (MMS)

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  • Storing Controls

    Goods are categorized and stored in separate store rooms, liquor store and wine store according to the nature and type of goods.

    Inventory records are maintain in Material Management System (MMS).

    Minimum reorder and maximum stock levels are the basis on which goods are purchased and stored and require to be maintained at all times variations attributed to special event requirements are approved by the cost centre head or food & beverage controller.

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  • Food & Beverage Control

    The objective of the Controls Department is to assure that effective control procedures exist while handling raw material directly related to food and beverage consumption as well as other non F & B materials. The procedure shall be evaluated periodically in the interest of improvement. In dealing with cost centers, it shall pursue the overall interest of the Organization.

    To gain benefits of standardization in practice and procedures and to ensure uniformity in our controlling activities

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