Need to ensure specifications are following as per purchase manual.

Review the purchase prices of the food & liquor material refer purchase manual for details.

Receiving personnel designated by the Store Manager to witness receipt of all goods according to specifications required by the restaurant or else otherwise specifically stated. All goods receipts challan should be supported by RR (Receiving Report) entry in Material Management System (MMS).

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Goods are categorized and stored in separate store rooms, liquor store and wine store according to the nature and type of goods.

Inventory records are maintain in Material Management System (MMS).

Minimum reorder and maximum stock levels are the basis on which goods are purchased and stored and require to be maintained at all times variations attributed to special event requirements are approved by the cost centre head or food & beverage controller.

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Issuance of goods from store rooms is carried out according to the store room issues time table and only when supported by an authorized store requisition.

Store personnel are required to ensure that requisitions are properly authorized by HOD of the cost centre. On issuance of goods the stores executive is required to generate issue report in MMS and take the initial of the person collecting goods evidencing the issuance.

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Food Costing: The Standard recipes for new menu or menu items have to be forwarded by Executive Chef to F & b controller for costing before same has been introduced. Upon receipt of the costing, Executive Chef to decide the selling price while maintaining food cost budgets.

Bar Costing: The Standard recipes for new cocktail menu or introduction new brand or vintage on arrival have to be forwarded by the Bar manager to F&B Controller for costing before the same can be introduced. It is the responsibility of the Bar Manager to determine the selling price while maintaining bar cost budgets. The standard

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The New Brand/Vintage Arrival Report: The selling price is determined by the bar manager on arrival of new brand / vintage, maintaining bar cost budget. The f & b controller fills in prescribed new arrival form to be approved by f & b manager, general manager and sr. commercial manager. On approval same will be update in POS (Point of Sale).

Auditing of Void Bills/ KOTs: The f & b controller has to check all void KOTs/Bills and ensure that all that all KOTs & bills have proper reasoning and has respective dept head signature or on duty.

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